Hybrid environment

Hybrid environment combines cloud with local IT

A hybrid environment is a concept that integrates different IT infrastructures into an overall concept. This includes private and public clouds as well as your local IT infrastructure. With a hybrid environment, you create an individual IT system that perfectly supports the processes in your company.

Professionally designed and managed hybrid environment

Your IT system should support you effectively in your work and map processes in such a way that your employees can work efficiently and productively. These goals are achieved with a professionally planned hybrid environment. As an experienced IT service provider, we are perfectly prepared to design an individual solution for your company. Our colleagues bring with them many years of professional experience. The team is trained in the design and integration of IT systems and focuses on your interests.

Your benefits with a viridicon hybrid environment

Hybrid environments have many advantages. You create a harmonious overall solution that perfectly supports you and your employees in their daily work.

Individual solution as required

With a hybrid environment, every conceivable scenario can be realized. We plan your system to measure.

Full cost control

You only get and pay for the services that are needed for your hybrid environment.

Implementation and maintenance of your hybrid environment

We make sure that your hybrid environment works according to your wishes and remains permanently operational.

Professional management

Regardless of whether a simple or complex system, we ensure seamless communication between the components of your hybrid environment.

Expert support

If you have questions about your hybrid environment or need technical assistance, our experienced team is here to help.