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Your partner for reliable data protection


Your partner for reliable data protection

If a company experiences a hacker attack, it usually also has a data protection problem. This is because personal data has usually fallen into the hands of unauthorised persons. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that the incident must be reported to the data protection authority within 72 hours.


What is data protection?

Data protection is generally the protection of each individual’s personal data from unauthorised collection, processing and disclosure. Data protection laws regulate how this data must be protected. The GDPR applies throughout Europe and is implemented in Germany by the BDSG.


Why is data protection important?

  • Protection against misuse of data
  • Right to informal self-determination
  • Avoidance of damages, such as image damage and fines
  • Competitive advantage by protecting supply chains

What are our services?

We will be happy to make you a personalised offer on how you can meet the data protection requirements in your company.

  • External Data Protection Officer
  • Provision of a data protection management system
  • Data protection audits
  • Data protection training
  • Coordination of data protection incidents
  • Coordination of requests from interested parties
  • Control and improvement of technical and organisational measures
  • Revision of your processing register
  • Preparation of data protection-relevant policies and work instructions
  • Audit of contracts

Your benefits with professional data protection

With a strong partner like viridicon at your side, you ensure effective data protection and benefit from a number of benefits.

A Data Protection Management System

Simple administrative effort, which significantly minimizes the time required.

A data protection manual at the click of a button

As proof for authorities or data subjects, you can create your data protection manual with one click.

A comprehensive list of processing activities (over 250 processing activities)

In collaboration we have created a comprehensive list of processes from many fallow fields. These can be easily and quickly adapted to your company.

Newsletter to keep you up to date

Monthly newsletters keep you up to date on the topics of data protection, IT security and information security.

Focus on your core business

Thanks to optimized processes, a package of documents and the data protection management system, the requirements of the GDPR can be fulfilled quickly. The workload remains low and you have time to focus on your core processes.

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David Vögler

Risk & Compliance Manager