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It is important for companies to know their own risk situation and improve it if necessary. CRISAM® significantly simplifies risk management. The software helps to recognise risks in the company, in projects or processes. Setting up an information security management system is also more effective. Assets can be modelled, evaluated and analysed without great effort in order to derive suitable measures to improve your IT security structure.
With its intuitive interface, the software guides you through the entire ISO 31000 process step. This makes your risks manageable.


Visualisation in a system


CRISAM® represents your entire risk and compliance management in ONE system. The integrated contents, standards and methods are always kept up to date and offer many advantages:

Less resources tied up in your risk management.
Check the compliance of your IT standards.
Save yourself the trouble of monitoring changes in standards.
Reduced time required for business impact analyses.

Reasons for risk management

– Pressure from customers
– ISO 27001 or VDA ISA / TISAX certification
– Competitive advantage
– Recognising the business processes
– Recognising where, when, why and how much to invest
– Liability of the Executive Board

The aim of risk management is to achieve and maintain a level of safety that is economically viable for the company


Visualisation in a system

  • Risk management system
  • Covers many requirements ISO 27001 or VDA ISA / TISAX and others
  • Document control
  • Large number of management reports
  • Action planning
  • Opportunities are analysable

  • Large number of reports
  • Access from the web
  • Implemented control system (ICS)
  • Document control can be mapped
  • Compliance Reports
  • Automated workflows

Information Security Management

More and more information security requirements call for a simple yet effective tool for recognising weaknesses in resources and counteracting them with the right measures.

CRISAM® helps an information security management system (ISMS) to structure assets and identify the main threats with manageable effort. The management is effectively supported in the decision-making process.

  • Fault tree analysis
  • Cost / benefit analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Catalogue of measures

Advantages of CRISAM®

  • Effective risk management thanks to automated workflows
  • Run through the complete ISO 31000 risk management process
  • Customised expansion of Knowledge Packs
  • Customisable standard reports
  • Supports your ISMS

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