viridicon AG advises companies on information technology and IT compliance issues.

“Smart IT works” – this has been our motto for delivering customised, stable and secure IT solutions for our customers since 2012.

As part of its IT consulting services, viridicon AG develops the information strategy for customers, provides organisational consulting and feasibility studies and calculates the costs of the solutions.
We also provide you with information security, including IT risk management, services from our data centre and certifications. We ourselves are certified to ISO27001 (information security management) and ISO9001 (quality management).

In addition to the technical and economic analysis of IT projects and their realisation, viridicon supports its customers with quality controls in order to identify deficiencies or weak points in the IT and to enable needs-based solutions.
The AG, which currently has around 40 employees, emerged from MUTAVI Solutions GmbH in 2018.
The company’s IT consultants have the specific knowledge to meet customer requirements while ensuring compliance requirements.
As a unit, viridicon AG always acts as an expert advisor and takes over the technical interface to the individual manufacturers. It takes over the process support for the introduction of new hardware and software, their installation, configuration and administration, testing, documentation, presentation, handover and training of employees.

Professional experience and passion for IT topics


Our colleagues have many years of professional experience in all areas of information technology in order to meet the diverse and varied challenges of our customers to the fullest extent.
We enjoy creating ideas and concepts and develop customised complete solutions that focus on service quality and implementation in the interests of the customer – IT solutions, cloud computing.

Every viridicon employee is certified in their area of responsibility and undergoes continuous further training. This is the only way we can offer you the highest level of service. As a team, we maintain an open, friendly and respectful relationship with each other.

Our story:


2012 Founding of MUTAVI Solutions GmbH in Neuhof

2013 Opening of a branch in Frankfurt am Main

2014 Establishment of an own software department
Development and web design

2017 Foundation of MUTAVI Datacenter GmbH and construction of a new office building with data center at the main location Neuhof

2018 Founding of viridicon AG with focus on risk and IT compliance

2018 Foundation of a subsidiary, viridicon GmbH in Hamburg

2019 Change of name of MUTAVI datacenter GmbH to viridicon datacenter GmbH subsidiary of viridicon AG

2019 Opening of another data center in Hamburg

2020 Takeover of MUTAVI-Solutions GmbH into viridicon AG

2021 Certification according to QM 9001:2015

2022 Expansion of cloud services and certification according to ISO 27001:2017

2023 Opening of a branch in Cuxhaven

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