Business Impact Analysis

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What is a business impact analysis?

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a method used to identify deviations, disruptions or weaknesses that may have an impact on business processes. The BIA is a risk minimization strategy.

Business impact analysis should not be confused with risk assessment, because BIA is not about assessing risks, but about determining the impact on critical processes.

With us to your report

  1. Modeling of sub-areas or your entire company
  2. Determination of the protection requirements of your assets & evaluation of the assets through control target questions
  3. Presentation of the report


Error handling before they occur

Our CRISAM® solutions ensure that your critical business processes are reliably identified and monitored so that emergencies and incidents are known in advance.

Benefits of a BIA

  • Identification of critical business processes
  • Fast and effective reports for decision-making
  • Detailed and up-to-date picture of the processes
  • Informed about risks

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Individual advice on the topic of BIA